Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices (CIEDs) are great products. They provide significant benefits to patients. The data they generate can also help to improve the patient experience. For example, if cardiologists receive the implant data via telemetry, they can check if any further action is needed, like when the battery runs low or an electrode breaks. In this way the data helps to avoid unnecessary visits to cardiologists for the patients. Additionally, many patients want to access the data from their own implant, to then discuss it with their doctors.

Over time, IT standards have become available, to move the necessary data from the implant to the cardiologists, using safe and secure transfer methods. In the „Cardiovascular Implant Data Interoperability Challenge – CIDIC 2020“ students of the Master study program „Medical Engineering & eHealth“ at University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien are going to implement the data transfer from implant to doctor, within the „Project Related Teamwork“ course. We are inviting partners from industry and health care as well as patients to join this effort. Together we want to demonstrate what is doable today.

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